Why trust us?

• The Samwagik Forensics is the only forensic company in Kenya, with it’s key competence derived from strong talent development and innovation in delivering scientific findings to both it’s consumers and customers.

So why trust us?

Highly experienced scientists who are not just “analysts” but who are trained to use their forensic skills and science to thoroughly investigate the issues posed by customers. We only employ forensic scientists whom we know share our commitment to quality, quality science and customer service. We also interview and vet all of our consultant forensic scientists.

A real commitment to quality to ensure our customers get an excellent and robust service. We are also in the process of being awarded accreditation to the international quality standard, ISO 17025 – the first of the smaller forensic science providers to be awarded this much sought-after badge of quality.

Security and confidentiality: a number of highly secure organisations have recognised our commitment to security and confidentiality: all of our staff are security cleared (many to a very high level); we use secure email systems and our premises are secure to a level required by the Home Office;

Laboratories / crime scenes / customer premises: we work from our custom-designed, DNA-secure laboratory, at customers’ premises or at crime scenes – our service tailored to our customer’s needs and requirements.