Samwagik is proud to inform you of the imminent launch of its nascent subsidiary companies very soon!

1. Samwagik Properties Management Ltd.

…………………………………………………………………..beyond expectations!

Offering the full service solution to residential property management giving you total peace of mind! Our clientele include those who are buying, selling, letting, renting & those who need assistance in management and property development. We are also trusted valuers and property consultants.

Serving all major towns in Kenya. Specializing in homes, condos and apartments.

We take all the worry out of owning a property! Our full service solution saves you time, effort and money, minimizing the tenant vacancy period and maximizing your cash flow. Samwagik Properties Management Ltd is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.
1. Prepare property for rental
2. Determine optimal rental amount
3. Design a targeted plan to attract tenants
4. Tenant screening including credit checks
5. Tenant move in
6. Collect and submit rental cheques
7. Detailed monthly accounting statements for tax purposes
8. Regular property inspections
9. Handle all maintenance issues
10. 24/7 Emergency Maintenance service
11. Ensure security arrangements are in place at all times

2. Monsoon Africa Company Ltd.
This is our commercial subsidiary in line with our diversification plans. Both companies are already registered having fulfilled all requirements for registration of Limited Companies under the Company Act(CAP 486 LAWS OF KENYA ). More details to follow.

3. Gikuru Distribution Company Ltd.

11896173_10207495393008527_2400483980630266862_nGikuru Company Limited is a private limited liability company, registered under the Company Law of the Republic of Kenya. We have significant knowledge and experience in haulage operations and have managed to operate a successful venture that deals with transportation of goods, supply of various types of goods for industries an office as well as managing environment on behalf of industrial operators.

We, Gikuru Company Limited, wish to deliver to you our Company Profile for consideration as a possible service provider for whatever transportation needs you may have in the East African region. We would want to stress that our company’s manpower is skilled, trained, competent and adequate to face the task of providing efficient quick and reliable services.


Gikuru Distribution is Kenya’s premier inbound & outbound logistics, warehousing and distribution facility. We provide our clients with superior service to satisfy their transportation, storage and distribution needs – specifically tailored to ensure there are no supply chain related losses. We deal with Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Appliances and Electronics, construction materials and industrial equipment & specialty chemicals. Our main targets are but not limited to Retail Companies as well as Manufacturing Industries.

Our competitive rates and excellent customer service guarantee our client’s merchandise is securely stored and professionally transported. Our warehouses are strategically located to ensure the product is close to the customer base and speeding conversion efficiencies across the supply chain. This allows us to quickly react to market signals both in your store/customer needs thus mitigating lead times along the supply chain and getting the product to the stores and the customer as quickly as possible.

Gikuru’s warehouse services include receiving, inventory tracking and custom pallet/bulk storage systems. Gikuru Distribution offers a wide range of customizable distribution services designed to ensure the timely distribution of your company’s merchandise.  Our services include pick-ups and deliveries (dedicated contract carriage) , cross docking, local and nationwide trucking, intermodal and drayage services, local, national and international shipping and receiving services, quality control, freight brokerage, custom brokerage, air and ocean freight forwarding, e-commerce fulfillment, and order fulfillment.

Gikuru Distribution also offers value-added services including pick-and-pack, product assembly, quality control inspections, inventory management, returns processing, Garments on Hangers (GOH), and management reporting.

Our superior service and attention to customer care solidifies us as the clear choice for your company’s logistics, warehouse and distribution needs.

Shipping services

Our complete shipping services include keeping track of order routing times, documenting customer responses, managing appointment times, recording carrier arrival date and time, and more. Our policy is that all shipments are FOB Origin and drivers are required to count each load. We will not allow shipper load and count unless you have an agreement with your customer to do so. Orders can be shipped with packing slips or manifests if required. If your customer measures your performance in any way, we will work with you to identify ways to improve your “scorecard”.

We work with many nationwide shipping partners to provide you superior service at low cost.

Receipt Verification

Gikuru’s Receiving Department tracks the arrival of your merchandise.  Upon its arrival, we unload each container and verify the contents utilizing the provided packing slip and/or carton or pallet labels.  In addition, we identify damaged items prior to storage or re-routing for delivery.

Receipt Inventory Tracking

Gikuru Distribution utilizes a sophisticated electronic tracking system for products and pallets received at our warehouse facility.  With this system, we not only manage our facility effectively but also provide
our clients with requested data through our Warehouse Inventory Management reporting. Upon request, copies of the receiving documentation as well as digital photos of the merchandise are available to our clients.

Our meticulous record-keeping accurately details product movement, including the tracking of charge-backs.
In addition, a quality control inspection may be conducted on your product line, if requested.

security is key in protecting your merchandiseSecurity

Securing your merchandise is our primary goal. To achieve this goal, Gikuru Distribution has designed a state-of-the-art security systems to ensure the safety of your merchandise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

Inside of our secure facility, we utilize strict loss prevention procedures which includes tracking merchandise received, stored and distributed via our Bar Coding Systems and Inventory Monitoring and Reporting Systems.

Outside of our warehouse facility, we maintain a superior level of security by utilizing proper transporting procedures and following Port Check Safety Protocols.

Additional Security Measures

  • Gated, Guarded yard with 200 container storage capacity
  • 24-Hour Security
  • UL-Rated Alarm System
  • Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) Sprinkler System


Whether you require Advance Shipment Notification (ASN), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or Customized Order Processing services, Gikuru is your customizable solution.

Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN)
Gikuru provides electronic notification of pending deliveries (i.e., an electronic packing list) including details of the merchandise, order information, product description, packaging and carrier information.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Should your company prefer, Gikuru can receive your customer’s orders electronically to accelerate order processing.

Gikuru’s EDI document capabilities are inclusive of but not limited to:

Purchase Order
Ship Notice / Manifest

Alternatively, we can develop a simple form which can be used by your customer’s to mail, e-mail or fax their orders directly to our warehouse facility for processing.

Custom Order Processing
Gikuru Distribution can print standard shipping labels with UCC 128 bar codes and all pertinent information.  In addition, we can print UPC labels or Customer Specific Price Stickers to facilitate order processing.

Whichever technology you prefer, we will work with you to easily and effectively process and track your customer’s orders.

Cross Docking Storage Saving Benefits
Gikuru Distribution is a full-service storage, distribution, logistics, and transportation company offering cross-docking services as a cost-effective and efficient distribution strategy for order fulfillment and merchandise handling.
Cross-docking is a logistics practice of receiving product from an incoming container or trailer and loading these materials into outbound transport with little or no storage in between thereby providing efficiencies for a quick turnaround as well as cost savings.

Benefits of Cross-Docking / Trans-loading
Cost Effective
Reduces Handling Costs
Reduces Operating Costs
Eliminates or Limits Need for Storage of Inventory
Quick Turnaround
Minimizes Handling
Reduces Transit Time
Maintains Shipment Integrity
Reduces Expense and Risk of Damage
Provides Efficiencies

Gikuru Distribution’s cross-docking facility is designed to help streamline the supply chain from point of origin to point of destination offering a cost effective logistics solution for every distribution need.

Pool Distribution is a cross docking service in which the products are collectively shipped to a geographic region; then items are divided and shipped to numerous destinations within that area. (Consolidation is the reverse.)

Transloading is when goods are transferred from one mode of shipping to another, often used when one form of transportation can not be used for the entire trip.
If you are looking to make some changes to your current distribution process, Contact Gikuru Distribution for more information about the benefits of Cross-Docking.

Developing a Cross-Docking Distribution Strategy
Gikuru Distribution develops cross-docking distribution strategies for clients looking to improve inefficiencies and save money on their distribution costs by avoiding long-term storage fees.As products are received in the facility they are quickly shipped with minimal to no storage.

Whether you are cross-docking full pallets of merchandise, consolidating shipments or re-distributing partial load, cross docking offers customers a mechanism for speed in the supply chain distribution process.

Cross-docking requires advanced knowledge of the inbound merchandise, knowledge of the product’s destination, and an infrastructure for routing product to the proper outbound vehicle.

Cross-Docking Facility
With over 100,000 square feet of warehousing space, Gikuru’s state-of-the-art warehouse facility was designed with 50 dock doors and a cross-dock environment for the quick and efficient redistribution of your company’s incoming merchandise onto outgoing transport vehicles.

E-Commerce Fulfillment

With Gikuru, you are provided all of your transportation, warehousing and distribution needs under one roof.

We offer a full spectrum of e-commerce order fulfillment services including order processing, inventory management and local and international shipping of both commercial and consumer orders.

Our e-commerce fulfillment service allows you to sell directly to the public as you increase your profit per sale and decrease your distribution costs.

Trucking / Drayage
Transportation services are part of Gikuru Distribution’s logistic solutions for product transport, storage and distribution. Trucking and drayage services make up Gikuru’s transportation services.

When transport is combined with our cross docking, warehousing, fulfillment and value added services and your containers and product are tracked by our inventory management system a complete and efficient distribution solution can be achieved.

Trucking Distribution Services

Gikuru primarily utilizes our in-house trucking operation to pick up and deliver your merchandise. We are also partnered with independent transportation providers to satisfy your company’s transport needs.

Port Drayage Services

Should you require container pick-ups at Mombasa, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania ports, Gikuru is your trucking solution. We can pick up containers of any size and transport them to our warehouse facility.

The Gikuru Customer Service team exists to provide you with the necessary product distribution support to continue your company’s success.  Our goal is to promote your profitability through our value added logistics services.


Our value-added logistics services complement warehousing, transportation, and logistics offerings. Using value-added logistics services can be a cost effective supply chain strategy for businesses.

Special Projects
In addition to satisfying your warehousing and distribution needs by outsourcing logistics, Gikuru maintains a special projects operation which provides you with quality bagging, carton, garment hanging, insert, tagging, printing, and labeling.

Packaging & Assembly
Gikuru’s packaging and assembly services include product assembly, re-boxing, bagging, shrink wrap services and much more.

Inventory Management
Gikuru’s Information and Technology Department electronically tracks your inventory and provides accurate Inventory Management Reports.

Returns Processing

Gikuru’s Returns Processing department protects you against potential charge-backs. Our familiarity with various routing guidelines of the toughest retailers in the business ensures cost-effective product distribution.

Our supply chain loss prevention and warehousing program will help save you hundreds of dollars.