Battle of the tabloids

Posted: July 9, 2014 in Europe, Kenya, USA
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Lets face it,we are now living in an online world. In this digital era, gone are the times when folks would hook up, talk of news that happened in their side of the world. Today you can get the news, photos and videos right the second after something happens. The mainstream media now is also fighting to catch up to remain relevant. Not that they have lost it, but they are always late to bring the news people like to hear.
The digital generation likes to hear that a socialite posted nudes on Instagram, there was a cat fight between this and that on twitter, where the party is at and such. I would like to narrow this article to my country, Kenya. Tabloids have mushroomed so fast that even rumors seem unbelievably true. The mainstream media also tried their foot in the murky waters with Daily Nation’s Nairobi News failing terribly. The Standard Media own Nairobian however is enjoying success as this is what they have always been good at….printing tabloids stories locally. This is ideally their niche.

One thing I really like them tabloids is the length they will go to reveal news that the mainstream media couldn’t. Take for instance the Masaku7’s, someone in Migingo Island or Kogelo wouldn’t have ever seen the photos to believe what took place.

Celebrities and politicians have also learn’t they can get easily get trolled. Things can get really ugly. Media personalities like Lilian Muli have at times rashed their disgust after losing their cool after some tabloids for instance take some random photos of them at events, making up stories that blowing things out of proportions. These stories clearly grows traffic to these sites at the expense of their image.

Tabloids like Ghafla Kenya, Daily Post, Nairobi Exposed have glorified the bakku-shan (Japanese word for girls who only look good when viewed from behind) socialites for years now. The usual culprits, Vera Sidika, Lisper, Corazon Kwamboka, Huddah Monroe and the rest of the wannabe grace their headlines everyday. Correct me if am wrong to say this, their asses brings food to their tables. The most crappy thing is seeing how they copy from each other articles, word by word. Doubt this? Just visit sites such as: Daily Post, Crazy Nairobian, Krazy Kenyan, Cnyakundi, and see for yourself.The list is long. To my surprise, Ghafla won in this years BAKE awards when one of their articles had been ripped off a fellow contestant blog. How uglier can it get?

Whats disgusts me, however, is how they contribute to the detriment of the morals in our society. Take Vera Sidika for instance, her ass is so glorified that small girls now all want to be like her. It’s booty and not brains that counts, sayeth their gospel.

Divisive politics is also their niche. Every now and then you will find a story of how this community has stolen this, that this tribe will support this candidate, that Kenya is a society of this versus this and am like, who the hell wants to read this crap. Just below such stories you will find the worst comments ever. People turn onto each other and this has really contributed to the disunity we see today.

Freedom of the media is a two wedged sword and we clearly need some regulation.I wonder what the Communication Commission of Kenya is doing sitting on their asses and waiting for their monthly cheques. We’ve got to do much better than this guys.

Anybody planning to enter the tabloid war please show some class, some respect. We’ve already seen the worst. It’s time we got something better, we also have limits you know? Don’t push. As you battle for the headlines remember that what you write can make or destroy a society. We need responsible journalism.


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