Something sinister is happening in Kenya ahead of ‘saba saba’ day

Posted: June 28, 2014 in Europe, Kenya, USA
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Recently, Kenyans have had to grapple with political uncertainty surrounding their country since the return of ‘baba’ as they fondly refer to him. After 3 months sabbatical in USA, many eyebrows were raised regarding the purpose of his visit. Many alluded that he was on a sponsored training by Obama’s (his distant cousin) government on how to overthrow the legitimately voted government by the majority of Kenyans in 2013 general elections. Prior to his welcoming party in Nairobi’s Uhuru park, politicians allied to him could be heard issuing ultimatums and threats to takeover power by force, a tactic that western backed oppositions have used to overthrow governments all over the world. Whether this is the plot, we are yet to see. Raila was adversely mentioned in 1982 attempt that led Moi to turning Kenya into a police state. This could be his second attempt at it but only time will tell. CORD agenda is to bring chaos to Kenya. The kind of talks its leaders are holding is the same exact recipe of 2007 post election violence.

Replicas of execution has already been witnessed in Mombasa, Mpeketoni area hours after Raila’s tour. This was clearly seen as ethnic cleansing against members of one ethnic group, as confirmed by National Intelligence Service and not an Al Shabaab attack as it had been planned to seem. Leaflets warning members of certain communities to leave certain areas have also been obtained in some parts of the country.

There is something sinister that has also been developing. It all started with travel advisories against their citizens visiting Kenya, which Kenyans have become used to by now. Suddenly Britain closed its consulate in Mombasa, US follows suit and massive relocation of their nationals follows suite. It’s also emerging that UK plans to send more British soldiers to Nairobi which however is yet to happen following a diplomatic row between Kenya and London. The row has been linked to the travel advisories issued by Britain over terror threats. One wonders why their ‘container’ embassy in Mogadishu is still operational. Is Mogadishu any safer than Kenya? Why haven’t they also slapped an advisory on Egypt as well? Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic CEO has also lamented to these countries reckless advisories. He too well knows their impact on Kenya’s economy and tourism. A country that went to war with militants after a British couple was attacked, yet the British pulls out instead of standing in solidarity with them.

USA has also reportedly ‘permanently’ relocated staff, US government personnel from Kenya and their embassy saying they will ask for more marine soldiers to guard their embassy, one of their biggest consulate in Africa. The State Department also indicated last week that the US will be sponsoring fewer conferences and training sessions in Nairobi. There are also allegations US plans to send marine soldiers located at Kenyan coastal town, Mombasa to their base in Djibouti.

All this is happening at a time when the ‘Saba Saba’ day is around the corner. Could it be in readiness for the political ‘tsunami’ talks about while issuing ultimatums?

One asks what USA & UK contribution in helping Kenya combat terrorism other than mere rhetoric. Could they be on a wide plot to upstage the Jubilee government? Kenyan government has been keen on doing more business with the east, China, India and Russia and this could be causing tension by the western countries that are afraid they will lose their footing in one of strategically located nations. China has promised to invest immensely in the country. So has Russia during the last visit to the country.

Having seen the countries they have ‘helped’ overthrow the anti-western regime, one factor clearly stands out. Oil. Kenya has been recording impressive findings of oil which is yet to be tapped. Could they be planning to loot like they have in Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan? Raila is seen as a pro west and they could be helping him to assume power by supporting anti government agenda expecting him to return the ‘favour’ obviously. What can be written home about their missions? None of these nations has known peace since the incumbent government was overthrown. It has already been alleged that Raila was given 1 billion dollars to feed the protestors. Raila was also accorded protection during his return to Kenya recently after his alleged murder plot which was all but a plot to heighten tension in the country among his supporters.Coming from China recently, Kalonzo has been said to have been on a mission to assure China that their interests in the country are safe when they will takeover power.

It’s also important to note that Uhuru ICC case slated for October is also few months away. If he was to be away from the country in such a time as this, to what extent would the opposition go to destabilize the country? ICC has been postponing his cases citing pull out by witnesses they themselves coached to nail Uhuru. The west has never actually come to accept Uhuru won, especially after their support to Raila Odinga’s candidature. It’s not forgotten their warning to Kenyans prior to elections that ‘choices have consequences’

So what are they hiding up their sleeves? I am not prophesying doom but only time will tell.All these things I’ve mentioned can’t be mere coincidences, there must be more to it than meets the eye.To my fellow patriots,

tusisimame maovu yakitawala.

I leave you with some quotes:

“Alot of problems would disappear if we talk to each other and not shout to each other”

“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

“There comes a time when this country is more important than any individual” George Saitoti




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