Endless WARS Key to Sustainable Oil supply

Posted: October 9, 2013 in General
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Hold it right there,before you label me a sadist please hear me out. But before I explain my theory, let me break it down to you how oil is formed. We all know its made from fossil remains, right? Nature has been transmuting dead life into black gold for millions of years using little more than heat, pressure and time, scientists tell us. But with gas prices spiking more than $1 per gallon in the United States this year and some experts predicting that the end of oil is near, scientists still don’t know for sure where oil comes from, how long it took to make, or how much there is.

How it works
In the leading theory, dead organic material accumulates on the bottom of oceans, riverbeds or swamps, mixing with mud and sand. Over time, more sediment piles on top and the resulting heat and pressure transforms the organic layer into a dark and waxy substance known as kerogen.
Left alone, the kerogen molecules eventually crack, breaking up into shorter and lighter molecules composed almost solely of carbon and hydrogen atoms. Depending on how liquid or gaseous this mixture is, it will turn into either petroleum or natural gas.
So how long does this process take?
Scientists aren’t really sure, but they figure it’s probably on the order of hundreds of thousands of years.

Lets face it, The rate at which petroleum is forming is not going to be the solution to our petroleum supplies. Oil politics are definitely the fuels driving war in war torn nations like Nigeria,Iran, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and now Syria. Although the revolts in the Middle East involve genuine disputes within the nations – Egypt, Libya, Syria – the superpowers – US, NATO, China, Russia – exploit these conflicts as surrogate wars over the Middle East’s valuable energy resources. Global decline in oil & gas reserves could be blamed for this. Oil production has been flat since 2005. This is not by choice. The producers cannot increase production because new fields cannot keep pace with declining production from old fields. Every producing oil field on Earth is in decline. The new Middle-Eastern conflicts – Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Iran – are still about the oil. Today, America is occupying foreign oil fields and securing pipeline routes to feed its petrol habit and reap profits. NATO allies, equally desperate for the last dregs of Earth’s once great store of hydrocarbons, play along with the U.S. War has become the largest business on Earth, worth trillions of dollars, Euros, Rubles, and Yuan every year. Most citizens think of war as a terrible dysfunction of society, but to the modern private military profiteer, war is an opportunity to get rich.
As the title suggests,(sorry to say) these wars could be natures way of guaranteeing oil to the future generations. As I said the rate at which petroleum is forming is not going to be the solution to our petroleum supplies. Assuming no nation is willing to take up artificial manufacture of oil, deaths and more deaths are the only sure ways we can make sure oil reserves never dry up, just saying, oil is more of a curse than a blessing.


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