Worlds craziest, dumbest Laws ever

Posted: September 12, 2013 in General
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These are some of the crazy laws I gathered,what were they thinking?But first, the disclaimer…..

gunpoint11[1]Many of the laws on this site have been verified, but many have been taken from sources which do not include law citations. The laws have been taken from newsgroups, websites, city governments, and visitors to the site. Keep in mind that this is an entertainment site, we wouldn’t recommend using our laws as evidence in court, unless you’d like the judge to laugh you into jail!

1. China banned the pigtail in 1911 as it was seen as a symbol of feudalism.
2. In 1647 the English Parliament abolished Christmas.
3. In the 1970′s, the Rhode Island Legislature in the US entertained a proposal that there be a $2 tax on every act of sexual intercourse in the State.
4. Catherine the First of Russia, made a rule that no man was allowed to get drunk at one of her parties before nine o’clock.
5. It is illegal to be a prostitute in Siena, Italy, if your name is Mary.
6. It is a criminal offence to drive around in a dirty car in Russia.
7. During the reign of Elizabeth I, there was a tax put on men’s beards.
8. In Samoa, it is illegal to forget your wife’s birthday.
9. In California it is illegal to set a mouse trap without a hunting license.
10. In London, it is illegal to flag down a taxi if you have the plague.
11. In Pennsylvania, it’s against the law to tie a dollar bill on a string on the ground and pull it away when someone tries to pick it up.
12. In Australia it’s illegal to roam the streets wearing black clothes, felt shoes and black shoe polish on your face as these items are the tools of a cat burglar.
13. In Connecticut it is illegal to pirouette while crossing the street.
14. In France, it is against the law to sell an “E.T” doll. They have a law forbidding the sale of dolls that do not have human faces.
15. In Athens, Greece, a driver’s license can be taken away if the driver is thought to be either “poorly dressed” or “unbathed”
16. Under the UK’s Tax Avoidance Schemes Regulations 2006, it is illegal not to tell the taxman anything you don’t want him to know, though you don’t have to tell him anything you don’t mind him knowing.
17. In Hong Kong a betrayed wife is legally allowed to kill her adulterous husband, but may only do so with her bare hands. The husband’s lover, on the other hand, may be killed in any manner desired.
18. In England it is illegal for a male to urinate in public. It is allowed only if the person aims for the rear wheel of his motor vehicle and his right hand is on the vehicle at all the time.
19. It is illegal for a cab in the City of London to carry rabid dogs or corpses.
20. In New York, the penalty for jumping off a building is death.
21. In Lebanon men are allowed to engage in sexual intercourse with female animals. If caught with a male animal the punishment is death.
22. Due to lack of pants, Donald Duck cartoons were banned in Finland.
23. In Denmark, you legally have to check under your car for sleeping children before you start it.
24. In England, a pregnant woman can legally relieve herself anywhere she wants, even, if she so requests, in a policeman’s helmet.
25. In France, it is forbidden to call a pig Napoleon.
26. In Finland Traffic Fines are Calculated as a Percentage of the Offenders Income
27. In Canada, the Currency Act of 1985 prohibits consumers from using unreasonable amounts of coins to pay for purchases.
28. No Sagging Pants in Michigan
29. The Royal Prerogative 1324 decrees that any whale or sturgeon found on the British coast belongs to the monarch.
30. It is Illegal to Die in the Houses of Parliament.Anyone who dies there is technically entitled to a state funeral. If they see you looking a bit sick they carry you out quickly.
31. No Public Displays of Sickness in Washington.You could be found guilty of a misdemeanor for not informing your co-workers that you have been inflicted by the common cold
32. While in Denmark, Leave Your Lights On
33. Fake Cocaine is Illegal in Arizona
34. No Kissing in Dubai
35. In Saudi Arabia Females Are Not Allowed to Drive


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