Kenya’s dirty politics

Posted: September 12, 2013 in General
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Welcome to Kenya,the land where political bickering goes on for years, power tussles with no foreseeable end. A visitor or investor maybe forgiven for asking if we having elections the same month.
As the professor of politics as we fondly call him, the former President Moi said “siasa mbaya, maisha mbaya.” I must say he was spot on.Today I shine my spotlight on the opposition.

I think the opposition that really doesn’t know what its supposed to oppose.Opposition of the day,Cord is nothing but the best example we’ve ever had.Opposing even whats the best for the country. I was left puzzled the other day when an MP in his right senses would stand at a podium at tell the former prime minister and the 1st runner’s in the just concluded elections continue pulling strings so that the government that won doesn’t get funding from the west to the amusement of their supporters.I don’t think by derailing development project by the government is anything to smile about.Makes me wonder if that’s not what exactly they would do on assuming power-God forbid.For lack of a better word,he’s better of a sadist.Instead of talking crap,changing diapers will suit him well.

I am totally still reeling in shock. How can people cheer to challenges.Not a handful if any has ever benefited directly or indirectly from the politician,and will never do when ‘he’ pulls the strings to make their life unbearable.He will never at any one time place food on their table.

I think they lack the moral authority to rule and galvanize a country. The achievements they have achieved so far is to polarize and isolate their ‘tribal cocoons’ further from the spirit of oneness and brotherliness to the rest of the country. As a country we need to move on from this.

My take on opposition is, they should act as watchdogs for the country,providing checks and balances to the government. Regardless of who wins, this nation is greater than any individual. We should take up our individual roles in looking at whats best for the country instead of being brainwashed by bitterness year in, year out.Accept and move on. More to that, I believe an effective opposition is one which can be able to push its agenda through to be implemented,even when not in power.

We are a democracy.Any idea that will propel Kenya forward should be readily acceptable by all parties.We should have a mechanism to put together what the opposition was promising and the government.What made people vote for the opposition doesn’t have to wait for 5 long years.The world is constantly changing and if we were to wait till the next elections,the idea whose time had come will be very much vestigial.There is plenty within our borders for everyone..and we can’t all be political leaders.What we can be,and nobody will ever be able to take this from you is,be a leader of your dreams.There is always a way you can & will make things happen and bring a difference.But this is only if we shun all that blinds us and choose what binds us. Tribalism has no place in my country.

Kenya historical picture.All its leaders in one photo

Kenya historical picture.All its leaders in one photo

I conclude by saying,politics ain’t dirty.Politicians make it so.Only way to redeem this image is….elect the right leaders.If we are all in the same team, we got work to do. A true patriot only wants the best for his country.Lets not stoop to the level of competing against each other at the expense of our national pride.I envision where Kenya could have been were it not for dirty politics and sometimes it makes me wanna weep.Lets work together and compete with other nations,not against ourselves.History will judge us harshly if we don’t.Do your part! Together we can make history!


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