Kenya’s Conspiracy Theories

Posted: September 6, 2013 in General
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Conspiracy theories behind the JKIA international arrivals terminal Inferno:
1.Raila Odinga hired some people to revenge,remember the V.I.P lounge saga??
2.Pattni hired some goons to revenge,Remember his duty free stalls worth Millions were damaged by the same Parastatal.
3.Someone did it intentionally in order to be awarded the tender to repair or reconstruct it.
4.The inferno is related to I.C.C,some people are out to delay the cases by causing the crisis we are witnessing.
5.Someone has a plan to destroy Raila’s business because the company that supplies Jet A fuel at the airport is linked to him.They want to accuse the company of carelessness in order to revoke the tender!!
6.GOD is punishing the Jubilee government for acquiring power ilegally,they were installed instead of being elected by the majority of Kenyans.
7.There are plans to destroy the economy of Kenya by some people because they don’t like the president.
8.Someone is out to tell Kenyans how Vulnerable they are,How insecure Kenyans,How poor Kenyans respond to a disaster of such a magnitude.
9.Some Kenyans also are of the opinion that the inferno is just but an accident,nothing more.

Kenya General Elections 2013-TNA was IEBC
Some people claimed to have access that showed a shocking manner IEBC and Jubilee used the electronic data to rig the elections. Using data provided by a source at Kencall, TNA was IEBC . TNA used 21 data entry clerks at to enter data both in its server and the server of IEBC through a backdoor entry provided by Kencall.

“O-Negative” Conspiracy Theories
Here is the AP today: “Kenya’s tribal ‘O’ factor: Obama, Ocampo, Odinga”. Apparently it is always easier to believe objectively outlandish things about people who are members of different ethnic groups–no big surprise I suppose.
Perhaps the next thing will be to see Donald Trump start expressing interest in the Kenyan presidential race.
In Kenya a lot of the problem is the degree to which news reporting is skewed by the government and other interests, whereas I think in the U.S. it is more a matter of the crowding out and dumbing down of news by the commercial celebrity culture, and the “narrowcasting” problem whereby people get their news from either opinionated sources conforming to their ideological predispositions or from superficial “he said, she said” reporting that provides nothing except the two adversarial arguments of the usual political combatants, irrespective of facts. It may be that Kenya is on the upswing in this regard whereas here in the U.S. we are on the downswing.
At least no one in Kenya so far as I know believes Obama was born there.

Political assasinations
It has beeen found that Pio Gama Pinto(1965), Tom Mboya(1969), J M Kariuki(1975), Robert Ouko(1990) and Chrispine Odhiambo Mbai(2005) were murdered for their political beliefs.Question is, who killed them?

Its said the armenian brothers were brought in to counter John Githongo attempt to expose corruption going on at statehouse

Illuminati affiliated Musicians
The following have in the past been accused of being illuminati
1.Octopizzo (realize how he says number nane baby in his songs he is praising the devil)
3.Nameless (remember his juju video with evil scenes that was the initiation)
4.Avril (illuminati uses her to sell the idea of lesbianism in Kenya remember the song chokoza she say ’hujui kama mtu anapenda machali ama madame’and the nude lesbian photos)
5.Size 8- Illuminati
7.Emmy Kosgei

Devil worship
Its been reported that the Church of Scientology came to Kenya in 2008 and opened a mission in the second floor of the building located between two churches on Ngong road.Due to public uproar, after some Nairobians called it a devil worship institution,the mission closed down and relocated to Kinoo along Waiyaki way where its members have been increasing threefold.Its said that upon joining the cult each member recieves KES 50 Million

Raila will never rule Kenya
Its reported that Agwambos father himself left a ‘curse’ that his own son will never rule Kenya due to greed and being over ambitious

6.4 billion Cocaine haul
According to US embassy in Kenya communique intercepted by Wikileaks, Mary Wambui was at the center of drug trafficking racket.It was said that the armenian brothers were linked to the drugs which were smuggled into the country by Akasha family in 2004

George Kinuthia Saitoti plane crash
Prior to his death, was said to be preparing a parliamentary report on the reported drug barons in the country.He died two days before the day,taking the secret with him.

Drug barons
Several philanthropic politicians and musicians have been named to be involved in illicit sale of drugs.Their fast rise to flushy & lavish lifestyles doesn’t seem to have any other explanation.

Not yet Uhuru
Ever since Jaramogi said ‘Not yet Uhuru’, some fundamentalists have believed that leadership was theirs by right. Conveniently they succeeded in keeping away the hopefuls from the fountain of leadership. There have been detention without trial and assassination of the hopeful or those suspected to say the least.

The ICC question

This is a thorn in the flesh of many Kenyans and Africans at large. The court deservedly is too blame for its own woes as its on record for only targeting african leaders.However on the Kenyan case questions that arise are?
1.Who were the 10 individuals initially on the list?
2.Is Raila Odinga the man who pushed for the prosecution of the Kenyan leaders
3.Are these civil service moles involved in incriminating UhuRuto & for what gain?

4.If found guilty,what will the duo do?
5.Whats the west hand in these cases as they were clearly supporting Raila’s presidency in the 2013 general elecection?
6.If found innocent, how will UhuRuto engagement with the west be after the series of snubs and embarrassment they have had to go through

Mysterious places/names
Some of regions in Kenya have names that are said to be reasons for the misfortunes that befall it.Famous one are:
The Hells Gate National Park
The Rift valley.Despite the geographical history associated with it,some politicians have often said that the infighting that engulf the area after elections are tied to the name.
Kituluni Hills-The anti-gravity hills in Machakos where water has been reported to flow upwards up to 20 meters.

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