Top 10 Most Ridiculous Taxes in the World

Posted: September 5, 2013 in General

1. Salt Tax
It’s hard to understand why salt is subject to tax. Yes, salt, sodium chloride, table salt is salty taxed. This is the so-called imperial China From the beginning of the destruction of the French Revolution until Gandhi himself to protest the salt tax was to take to the streets in 1930.

2. Danegeld

Another tax that is no less ridiculous taxes to be paid because someone was not killed by the Danes. This ridiculous tax applied by the Saxons. King who had to suffer because this is the King Elthred, who underwent a life of suffering by the Danes.

3. Tax fireplace

This tax was imposed in the year 1660 when there was a crisis era, so all sorts of ways even used the government to get money into the state treasury. As a result, the population began to look for a way to hide the chimney so as not to be taxed. This ridiculous taxes eventually removed after a major fire in 1684 damaging 20 homes and took four lives, only because the baker is trying to use the neighboring chimney clandestinely.

4. foreign taxes

foreign tax is imposed on foreigners who come into a country. Until the year 1991, China still impose this tax, which the foreign tourists who travel in China will be subject to higher taxes so that the costs such as hotels, resorts entrance, it becomes very expensive and many times more expensive than local people.
Tax stranger was introduced by Canada was to the Chinese immigrants in the years 1885 to 1923. This tax is removed not because people start to feel a sense of togetherness and remove racial intolerance, but this tax is removed because the Chinese Immigration Act prohibits the Chinese to go to Canada.

5. Nobel Prize TaxTop-10-Most-Ridiculous-Taxes-in-the-World-Nobel-tax

Each person may be very happy when you get nobel, but if you have to pay tax will be stout man who nobel rethink. Whereas it the name of Nobel laureates but kok taxed state. But like that in America, all sorts of awards such as Pulitzer involving money will be taxed.

6. Life Tax
This tax is imposed because you live in this world and diberalkukan in England in the 14th century. life is full of struggle, so that people living taxed! life is a right for every person on this earth. Therefore, large-scale demonstration and in many places the great insurrection in England because of this insane tax.

7. Taxes For Not Agreeing with the King

Like the life led by the king’s dictatorship, if not agree with the king then had to pay taxes. But it is very tax effective way to make political opponents into silence. This tax settlers were Oliver Cromwell in the year 1655. Oliver wearing this tax against the nobles who still survive to live in England after Oliver took over power. Worse, the tax money used to finance the establishment of the army to fight another nobleman.

8. Tax Freedom from Slavery

This tax is imposed on the Ancient Roman era that the original name of this tax is the manumission tax. Manumission Tax is a special tax to be paid if a person is no longer a slave. How come people are free from slavery instead told to pay taxes? This tax is usually paid by the slave masters. So the only real employer wants to do good by freeing his slaves, and pay the tax which although not large, but this is unfair and burdensome the slaves.

9. Invalid Income Tax

IRS (Internal Revenue Service), Director General of Taxation in America, create a form that has a rule that says, “Invalid Income. Illegitimate income is money derived from illicit drug sales, you must include on Form 1040, line 21.” How odd, yes, this is an attempt to legalize illegal practices.
10. Beard Tax
Imagine if you had to pay taxes just because you have a beard, even all sorts of diwajah your existing hair (including mustache) will be taxed. Really annoying is not it? But this tax actually existed in Russia in the past. Is Peter the Great of Russia who apply this tax simply because she did not like the beard or hair of anything in the face (including whiskers). So, if there is a desperate mustache, then he should pay a fairly heavy tax. The purpose of this tax is to reduce the people to maintain a mustache, beard, etc.

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