Why changing Kenyan currency design needs a referendum-My take

Posted: September 3, 2013 in General

This post is going to be the shortest post I’ve written yet, maybe to prove my point that my take is undebatable & no amount of arguing could change my stand!
The new constitution has really ushered so many changes, most commendable and timely but the issue with the change of the portrait hasn’t really gone well with me. Why should we remove the portrait of our founding father? It makes no sense….I mean…argh. The new constitution says notes and coins issued by CBK may bear images that depict or symbolise an aspect of Kenya but shall not bear the portrait of an individual. imagesss

The idea to promote our culture, heritage and tourism though commendable should, could and would & can be done effectively by other means. I think it just proves to the world how tribal Kenyans can be…..frankly, this was the reason why the change was mooted. Generations to come will be forgiven for growing up with no knowledge on their roots and heritage we are so proud of. If you ask me, Kenyans have given up, to some extent, their sovereignty. If we really want to walk the unity talk, let’s have a culture & heritage day, like it is in Nigeria. We’ll be better placed to be united by appreciating each others differences other than seeing the physical features that reflect any aspect of the country like agriculture, sports, tourism, nation’s natural treasures, culture and heritage or include flora and fauna unique to Kenya. Everything else will fall into place.
Our delegates majored so much on the minors if you’d ask me.
US still got George Washington, Britain still got their queen. The suggested changes should be in the proposed East African common currency, not our National ones. just like the European Nations did. After all, the coins and paper currency has got two sides and the reverse side has been serving the purpose quite well. So let’s leave the obverse the way it is and move on. What the law should have stated is, “the currency shall only bear the face of the founding president” The paper will in real sense lose some of its value, it won’t be able to kill with one stone what it has since independence
Mzee Jomo Kenyatta portrait in many ways potrait the Kenyan dream, it is a good representation of our freedom fighters….a symbol of our pride and a unifying factor. Kenyans need to appreciate what Kenyatta’s portrait really portrayed. Perhaps the senators should include this in the ‘upcoming’ referendum, no pun intended!
I bet these attached pictures will serve as a preserve of its sentimental value to me when they finally decide to change them.


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