Realising the Kenyan Dream

Posted: August 31, 2013 in General

Edgar Cayce once said that “Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions”. Kenya is a nation that inspires the best out of everyone who aspires for greatness in life. Our founding fathers dreamt of a nation characterized by peace, love and unity.

rkdA nation free of illiteracy, disease and poverty. They aspired for a country in which justice would be the shield that defends our relationships, heritage and livelihoods. This factual projection inspired a post-independence generation to lay a solid foundation on which the youth of today can stand upon. In this era of “KATIBA MPYA”, they youth of Kenya have the greatest opportunity to sustain peace and development. With a changed mindset, and alignment to fundamental democratic ideals and nationhood, the youth of Kenya will foster the realization of the Kenyan dream by first realizing their own dreams.

“Realizing the Kenyan Dream” series is program designed to provide an opportunity for young people in Kenya to articulate and re-examine our social heritage, our identity, and value system. It inspires Leadership that embeds vision, influence and destiny. In this forums young people will share personal life stories that inspires growth, learn from those who came after us and dare to make a difference in our community. During these forums the youth will represents what is best in their families and in coming together they will find that beneath the different tribes, lies a common vision of our country and common desire to share this country in peace.The Kenyan dream

When people are motivated to ‘dream again’, they develop the audacity to innovate and risk for the best. However, as we aspire at personal level, it is prudent that such dreams are aligned to greater good. This will foster the ethics of moral and innovative leadership which will benefit not only the individual but the larger society, nation and world. This is the needed moral orientation of leadership. It must be guided by a common vision or aspiration and rooted in irrevocable universal principles and values that have the breadth and depth to encompass the diversity of the human family.

In essence, “Realizing the Kenyan Dream” series will have a national coverage thus activating the positive energy in our collective conscious as a people. The main target group in this series is young people in all levels, namely, youth in school, youth out of school and young professionals.


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