Flip The Bird

Posted: August 22, 2013 in General

Looking at our politicians I have gut Feelings that they don’t mean the best for us.Its time we get down to brass tacks and looks at whats best for us.We’ve gone out on a limb for far too long,some of us have gone for broke and lost their lives while the politicians remain high on the hog.
Yes there may have been post independence injustices,by individuals to a society,that doesn’t mean a whole tribe was part and parcel to that.They have made us scapegoats while they go scot free.Its time we let Let bygones be bygones & start afresh,after all,an eye for an eye only made the world blind.We have a chance to create a level playing field with the new constitution.Lets start from scratch,the ball is in our court!
Our politics has unfortunately become a Loose Cannon.I am sometimes left to wonder why anyone has to leave his job to listen to politician with their mumbo jumbo.Selfish interests have bloated their greed.They make promises to us that turn out to be pig in a poke.Its time we rose to the occasion and said a BIG NO!The only way our country will go down the drain is over our dead bodies.Like a famous rapper sang,’sitasimama maovu yakitawala’
We have to cry for our future generations,what legacy are we leaving behind?Will you be counted as those who worked to build Kenya or destroy it.The way to check if you have fallen for their tricks is to ask yourself,are my actions for national good or my own good.People seem to have forgotten that,good comes to those who mean good for others,not the other way around.
We need to have a 6th sense,each and every one of us.When they pass the buck for their atrocities,we should be able to tell.When it comes to problems,we all read from the same scripts.All they have done for years is to place us between a rock and a hard place.We can have the best of two worlds if we see the bigger picture
To cut the long story short,there is more that unites us than divides us.If we are in the same team,lets start acting like it.We’ve got work to do.Have unity of purpose in your bags as well as peace.We need each other.I hope you lend me your ears to my words and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for my country.And like the title suggests,its time we raised our middle finger to destructive politics of our time,with no apologies whatsoever!Remember,this country is greater than each and everyone of us.

I leave you with a poem,written by me,TO YOU

Where did we go wrong?
I always thought our bond was strong
Maybe when all is lost & gone
We’ll realize we need each other all along


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